The holidays!

Enjoy the holidays: rest, relax and fingers crossed for some sunshine!

Remember to continuing taking some photos of what you get up to – I may post them on the blog.

Diary entry

Imagine you are Michael. Choose a day on the island that you know about, to write another diary extract. What could you include? How did you feel?

Writing task

Am I in heaven?  What happened to me?

Writing task

A shrill cry echoed in the mist…

Story starter

I was the only one left. The only one to make it to the island…

Story starter

The eyes in the painting followed him down the corridor…

What’s next?

Now that SATs are over, what are you looking forward to doing?

What end of term activities would you like to do?

SPaG Top Tips!

Past progressive

was/were and verb+ing

Present progressive

is/are and verb+ing

Present perfect

has/have and verb+ed

Subjunctive form

If I were (linking to a wish)


The class’ books.

Margo’s shoes.

(The books and shoes belong to…)


she, he, mine, hers, theirs, his, me…


Relative clause (e.g. who, what, which, that, where)

Subordinate clause – starts with a subordinating conjunction (e.g. when, if, because, after).


Where/when something is (under, on, beneath, after, before)


Nouns (use a determiner) a fire

Verb (use ‘to’ or ‘I’) to fire/I fire

Synonym – another word

Antonym – the opposite

Passive and active

The cat ate the mouse. (active)

The mouse was eaten by the cat. (passive)


Mean questions

As requested by Rachel!


Easter holidays

And breathe…the holidays have arrived!

If you have any questions, if there’s anything you want to know, or even just want to share with everyone, post your comments on here!

I will upload questions that some of you asked for in the next few days.